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2013-09-02-22-02-40_decoServices available:

Services can be discussed in detail by submitting an enquiry on our contact page.

A good mix is essential to ensure your music stands out. Balanced levels, clear individual instruments and good stereo image are key. Customers are welcome to provide detailed instructions for how they want their mix to sound, and a reference track by another artist is a useful starting point. An initial mix will be returned to the customer for feedback, and any changes required will be made for the final mix.

Mastering involves tweaking and fine-tuning parameters such as EQ and overall compression in order to make the music ready for publishing.

Vocal Tuning
It’s only natural for a vocal to be slightly off pitch at times. With near transparent tuning using some specialised software we can get a more polished, professional sounding vocal, therefore eliminating any niggles you may have about the recording.


Recording services also available, subject to studio availability.


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