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What is Mixing?

Mixing is the process by which multiple sounds are manipulated in such a way as to make them work together as coherently as possible and sound more appealing as a whole.

What does Mixing involve?

Various elements of a sound can affect how well it sits alongside other sounds.  A mix engineer will tune into such things as level, phase, equalisation, dynamics and panning, and using a number of different tools can make any manipulations necessary to create a more complete sound overall. It is important to keep in mind that a good mix will not rectify a bad recording. Certain problems can sometimes be made less obvious to the listener, but a good recording is key to a good finished product.

Mixing is not just applicable to music.  It is an integral part of any medium where audio is involved РTV, radio, cinema, theatre, audio-books and podcasts will all require a certain amount of mixing (and mastering) before being ready for publishing or broadcast.

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